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MEDiSURG is happy to take care of your Infiniti Ozil handpiece issues. With 5 easy steps you can have a newly rebuilt handpiece at your door steps.

  1. Start a new Phaco Handpiece Service Ticket
  2. Go right ahead and ship your HP to our location for evaluation (6890 Hawthorn Park Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46220)
  3. Review evaluation with quote.
  4. Approve and send a PO for our quote.
  5. Receive your newly rebuilt handpiece back!

If you’re wanting to have all or will be frequently sending your handpieces to be repaired¬†with MEDiSURG, give us a call and we can provided you with a set price and make our handpiece repair process even faster!

Don’t forget MEDiSURG can provided loaners when asked for and if you’re looking to get rid of your Ozil Handpiece, MEDiSURG also buys equipment.