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MEDiSURG is attending the Florida Biomed Society / ME EXPO this OCTOBER 5th thru the 9th in Orlando Florida.  On October 6th at 8 am, John Weymouth, Founder and President (plus training) will be presenting an educational training on Alcon Phaco Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance.  This presentation will go over the basics of Phaco Maintenance and basic trouble shooting.  We will also have a video showing how to do a complete PM on an ALCON INFINITI system.  Come to our booth to see a phaco system with all the covers removed.

MEDiSURG presented last year at the North Carolina Biomed Society meeting and the presentation was well received.  We had to bring in additional chairs to accommodate the 25 limit which expanded to 35 HTM folks. Look for this course in Orlando to be full, and you can always sneak in!  Medisurg offers full-service training on the ALCON Surgical product line.  The Alcon Constellation is a combined Phaco (The term originated from phaco- (Greek phako-, comb. form of phakós, lentil; see lens) + emulsification)  and Vitet (vitreous and retinal surgery) system.  It is very complex and a bit overengineered.  It does a LOT of things.  The PM on the Alcon Constellation system requires some special tools and you will need a Laser Meter, Digital Pressure meter, VO meter, special tubing and the SOP for verifying the system is meeting factory specs.