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Why do surgeons still use the old and retired phaco systems?

One of those systems is the Bausch and Lomb Millennium phaco machine. The Millennium phaco system is still a viable phaco unit for several surgeons in the US and internationally. The main draw for using this older technology is the low cost of the consumables. The Millennium Phaco system uses a reusable cassette and sterilizable tubing sets. Locating cassettes for the Millennium is getting more and more difficult. The manufacturer has discontinued the production of the cassettes and tubing kits and there is a lag between companies to create knockoffs of the original cassettes. Around the country, surgery centers have old cassettes stashed away in closets and storage rooms and when they find them, they just toss them out. If you come across any old cassettes for the Millennium phaco system, they are worth good money.

Reuse of cassettes and tubing has its pluses (cost savings), it also has additional steps needed after surgery to clean and prepare for the next surgery. It is wise to calculate the true value of the reuse cassette over the disposable cassette. When you add the time to clean and sterilize the tubing and the cassettes, plus the added responsibility for sterility control, the costs are really closer than you imagine.

MEDiSURG has parts and systems in inventory to support the surgeons and surgery centers that still utilize the B&L Millennium. MEDiSURG has over 200 modules on the shelf and computer monitors with each software version. We also have the ability to upgrade units to the latest software version especially when the modules are being replaced. The latest software versions have a built-in program that allows you to upgrade or downgrade the software version on any module. This includes the foot switch and the IV Pole software that also requires the correct and matching software between all the modules and the computer system.

If you have a Millennium that you no longer want or you are looking for service and backup systems, contact us at sales@medisurg.com for assistance. You can also call us directly 317-663-3158 or click here to be directed to a contact page and let us know what you need and we will get right back with you.