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The ACCURUS® Surgical System was manufactured by Alcon from 1997 to 2011. Alcon will continue to provide technical support and service as well as consumables for the ACCURUS® System for the next few years. Typically Alcon will support a system for 5 to 10 years after the last system rolls off the production line. MEDiSURG has been servicing the ACCURUS system for the last 17 years and will continue as long as we have parts in stock. When we started our service business, the Alcon systems that were being manufactured were the ACCURUS and the INFINITI systems. The Alcon Legacy was still in service and was slowly being replaced by the new INFINITI phaco system.

The ACCURUS Surgical system introduced the concept of forced infusion of the surgical BSS+. The complete system still had the automated IV pole attached to the cart, which was preferred by the cataract surgeon, and the system used a separate cassette for Phaco and for Vitrectomy. Problems arose when doing a combined procedure in one operation. The cassette for the phaco could not be used for the vitrectomy surgery and was downtime to take the phaco system down and re-prime or the retinal surgery.

The original systems offered were the ACCURUS 200 for phaco only, the ACCURUS 400 for vitrectomy only. Then came the 600 version that allowed either phaco or vitrectomy cassette to be installed and the surgery performed. After a year or so, Alcon upgraded the 600 systems to the ACCURUS 800. The 800 was the only system that could accept three types of cassettes. The 800 system could use the phaco cassette as a stand alone phaco system, or the vitrectomy cassette as a stand alone vitrectomy system. Alcon developed the Combined cassette that would let the surgeons conduct phaco surgery and then let the doctors trade seats at the OR table and let the retinal surgeon take over to complete the Vitret surgery.

The ACCURUS system was finally retired and there are several hundred still in use in the USA and even more around the world. MEDiSURG sells parts and services all of the ACCURUS systems. We have all of the service manuals and procedures to perform the maintenance on all of the models. The replacement equipment for the ACCURUS was the Alcon CONSTELLATION Surgical System. I will go over the history of the Constellation in the next blog.

John Weymouth