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The doctor says the PHACO is not working.
Here is what you will need to test to determine if the system or handpiece is defective or there is a “USER” issue.
Ask these questions:
  1. Did the system prime and tune with no errors?  If an error, do you remember what it was?
  2. Did the handpiece make any hissing or an “Ultrasound” noise? (scratching fingernails across chalkboard sound)
  3. Has this happened before and have you checked the tip tightness?
IF the OR Nuse or Doc does not remember the code, here is what you do.
To get to the ERROR CODE LIST:
Inline image 1
Press Custom, Press ABOUT and then the word ALCON in the upper right and then PATENTS.  The error code list will then show up.
The top codes are the most recent.
Look up the codes in the operators manual or contact us for an error code sheet.
To test the system to verify the PHACO Mode:
Prime the system with a cassette. After system is PRIMED-
Insert Phaoc HP, place Phaco Needle TIP on Handpiece, Tighten, Place Tip Cap Sleeve over phaco tip.
Connect Blue and White connectors to the end of the Handpiece.
Press FILL on screen and fill the TEST Chamber and slide over Tip Cap Sleeve.
The INFINITI system will pump fluid to test for obstructions or leaking connections. It will send a very short burst of energy to the tip to test the Handpiece and tightness of the tip.
If the Handpiece passes the TEST, it is operational
If the Tip is loose, it will detect a very loose tip, but not a barely tightened tip.
If the Handpiece is HOT from sterilization, the tip can loosen after it is Primed and Tested.
Inline image 2
To test the HANDPIECE:
After the HP has been tuned and tested, with the test chamber still attached, Press the foot pedal to the position 3 (Fully Depressed) and listen for the phaco HP to Hissss.
You can squeeze the shaft of the tip between your thumb and index finger and while squeezing very hard, press the foot pedal to position 3.  Make sure the PHACO POWER is at 100 percent.  The tip should get very hot to the touch.  The PHACO is working.
If the tip does not get hot or the HP does not Hissss, make sure the system is in phaco mode.
If you have a second Phaoc Handpiece, do the same test, if it fails, it is a PHACO Module in the INFINITI is at fault.
We have parts in stock. We can rebuild handpieces for half of a new handpiece.
Not only do we have parts in stock, this is a little preview of the type of knowledge you gain in our Alcon Training courses.