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Q :Why should I enroll in the Alcon Centurion Phaco Service Training?

A :The Alcon Centurion Service Training Program offers unparalleled value. MEDiSURG Trainers work with Alcon equipment. They are trained in surgical and clinical environments, as well as advanced technical issues. By being onsite to ensure peak instrumentation performance, the trained HTM lets you focus on your patients. MEDiSURG Trainers also provide In-service training and materials which puts your patients in the care of well-trained staff. Additionally, MEDiSURG Training means less patient waiting and rescheduling, minimizing equipment downtime, so that you can be more effective.

Q :Will this help me reduce my costs?

A :Yes. Unexpected service costs are virtually eliminated. In addition, budgeting is easier and more accurate when you are trained to evaluate the level of service needed. You can now eliminate multiple-year, multiple-machine agreements which will save you thousands of dollars. This means you save because the elimination of expensive field service, nuisance calls (as Alcon refers to them) are gone. 

Q :Will the Alcon Centurion Service Training increase my efficiency?

A :Yes. Regular maintenance of equipment helps avoid untimely failure and the time-consuming process of rescheduling patients. Staff productivity is also enhanced through in-service training that MEDiSURG supplies to the HTM. Finally, your training reduces purchase orders, downtime, confusion and increases peace of mind..

Q :Similar services can be obtained from ALCON. Why should I choose MEDiSURG Alcon Centurion Service Training?

A :No other service can match the benefits of our Training! MEDiSURG staff are trained in surgical and clinical applications, can assist you to easily identify real service issues or operator error. MEDiSURG only uses genuine factory parts and assemblies that are readily available to ship to your location. You can purchase Alcon parts directly from ALCON TECH SERVICE or thru MEDiSURG. 

Q :What are the specific benefits?

A :If the Alcon Centurion Phaco equipment is unreliable, then you will need a service contract. The parts can be very expensive if they are constantly breaking, you will be purchasing the Alcon Centurion many times over. Alcon promotes how good their Centurion Phaco system is and the reliability of the platform.  The Alcon Field Engineers are good people.  They know and comply with Alcons strict manufacturing guidelines to make certain that equipment is performing to specification. The process to inspect and test the system is not that difficult. We use the same forms as Alcon uses and go thru the the step by step process and document each step along with keeping a comprehensive service record of your equipment history.  

Emergency Service — Waiting for On-site emergency service will make you cancel surgeries and maximize the surgery schedule interruptions. When you are onsite, you can quickly diagnose the issue, talk with MEDiSURG or Alcon Technical Service to determine what is needed, if the system is truly non functioning.  Most of the emergency issues are operator induced, debris inside the footpedal, Dirty laser window, broken handpiece.  The surgical staff is usually at a loss as to the cause of the problem and a HTM onsite can quickly diagnosis the problem and provide a solution.

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance — An on-site calibration, in-depth evaluation and component cleaning help avoid unanticipated downtime.The process takes about one hour.  Alcon will charge from $2000 to $5000 for a PM on the system.  

System Upgrades — Many software and hardware refinements that extend the life of your equipment are included at no additional charge. If the software upgrade is mandatory, it is always completed at no charge.  If the system upgrade on the Alcon Centurion is a new feature, the cost can run into the 10s of thousands of dollars.  Alcon charges for these upgrades regardless if you have a service contract or not.  Contact MEDiSURG to see if the upgrade is designed to make the Alcon Centurion Phaco more difficult to service or it is making it more reliable.  Either way, MEDiSURG can assist you on negotiating the best possible price for a feature upgrade.  

In-Service Training — On-site training for your staff to help improve efficiency and boost confidence. Training always helps.  The Alcon Sales rep is supposed to train the surgical staff.  It is time consuming and not in-depth.  MEDiSURG documentation provided and online free courses are the most efficient way to train surgical staff.  

Parts and Labor — All parts, travel and labor are billed each year, for one fixed cost whether you need service or not.  If the system is unreliable, BUY THE SERVICE CONTRACT, Please!  If it only needs a annual PM, then the cost savings are very important.

Q :How fast is the response for an on-site emergency service call with the Alcon Partners in Patient Care Program versus in-house HTM?

A :Alcons goal is to get your instrumentation on-line before your next surgery date, not the next surgery!  So the doctor and your patients are affected. If you cannot fix the system, then you have to order parts for next day delivery.  If Alcon does not recognize you as a valuable customer, they may not sell you the parts necessary.  They may force you to have the field service technician replace the broken module.  If you are a time and material account, Alcon may choose to put you off for a few days to a few weeks.  This is designed to force you to purchase a service contract.  The best recommendation is to have a parts clause in your purchase agreement when you purchase a Alcon Centurion System.  Also, make it mandatory to get a copy of the service manual with the purchase of the system.  They have to sell you the service manual. 

Q :Is there someone I can call to answer technical questions and solve problems?

A :Yes. Alcon Technical Support Specialists are available Monday – Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, to provide answers to all your technical questions. The toll-free number is 800-TEC-SVCS 800-832-7827, Ext 2.  Or if you wish, you can call MEDiSURG toll free line 855.233.4050 or call and get one of the techs personal cell phone numbers.  If we trained you, we will support you!

Q :Who should I contact for additional information?

A :Call the toll free number 855.233.4050 or 317-663-3158 and ask for Araceli.