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The service on the ALCON INFINITI SYSTEM can be accomplished by Alcon Tech Services or a trained biomed.  ALCON Laboratories will not train biomeds on how to PM or troubleshoot the Alcon Infiniti system.  
MEDiSURG has an Alcon Infiniti School to train biomeds on the phaco physics and fluidics of the cataract removal system.  MEDiSURG training on the ALCON INFINITI is accomplished with a 2 or 3 day hands-on program, where the biomed goes thru several PMs on the Alcon Infiniti system on their own after they have been trained by a qualified service technician.  Included in the training is the ALCON INFINITI Service manual that can be found online.  The training will give you the knowledge of cataract surgery, the conversational domain of the ophthalmic surgical team and the ability to troubleshoot the Alcon Infiniti user issues including: Alcon System Faults, Alcon Infiniti Warnings, and Alcon Infiniti Advisories.   The biomeds who have completed the training on the Alcon Infiniti System have remarked how demystified the phaco system is.  
One thing that MEDiSURG does not do is upgrade the Alcon Infiniti software.  Only Alcon can update a system.   You will also find out that the Alcon Tech Service will not repair the system in the field.  Alcon tech service only will replace the malfunctioning modules.  So if you have a simple problem that can be remedied by replacing a PCB, Alcon will only replace the entire module. Also, not the modules need to be the same software version of the host module for the system to recognize the part.  
If you want to save money on Alcon Infiniti Service, then contact MEDiSURG, your one stop shop for eye surgical equipment.