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Centurion Footswitch
The purpose of this blog is to learn and inform about how the footswitch charging and how to
understand it and how it works, as well as how to troubleshoot.
When out of use, the wireless footswitch hangs on the back of the console. If used wirelessly, the
internal lithium-ion battery is charged inductively through the rear panel. There is also a wire within the
drawer. If used wired to the system, and system power is turned on, the footswitch battery is charged
through the cable.
Note when charging footswitch inductively. The system must always be plugged in even when not in use or
being stored when charging the footswitch. IF unable to keep system plugged in while in storage please
allow an hour or two prior to scheduled surgery day to have system plugged in and charging footswitch
before use. It is possible that the footswitch will become uncharged or “Dead” overnight, and is
recommended to keep the system plugged in. Also, there cannot be any obstruction from footswitch to
the back panel. With the way the power cable is wrapped on its hangers, it can get behind the footswitch
preventing the footswitch to charges.


Never pick up or move the footswitch by the cable. Dropping or kicking the footswitch can cause irreparable damage.

Pairing the footswitch. To change the wireless channel for the footswitch, the footswitch must first be
cradled onto the back of the system. This "pairs" the footswitch with the system and allows the wireless
channel to be changed in the Custom / System Settings / Wireless tab. Note that since the wireless
footswitch and the Surgical Guidance System (SGS) device share the same network, changing the
wireless channel for the footswitch will require a re-pairing of the SGS device. Also, to note. Changing
from wired to wireless the system may not automatically switch over. Sometimes it is required to go
into the Custom / System Settings / Wireless tab and changed the footswitch wired to wireless. Note
when swapping out footswitches. Set the exchanging footswitch on the footswitch hanger for thirty
seconds before use. This allows the system to communicate with new footswitch for pairing.


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