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The Centurion* System AI (Active Infusion) Module Bag Reader will sometimes not recognize the BSS bags. The first thing to check is to verify that the blue light comes on every time the bag door is closed. Don’t forget that the lack of blue LED illumination can also be caused by foreign objects under the bag bay door.  You can also flip the bag 180 degrees plus clean the bag reader sensor glass with a lens cleaner paper or a low lint cloth. If not, replace the Bag ID Reader (PN 215-2931-501).

Cleaning the Fluidic and AI Bag reader sensor window should be included in the annual PM. You should verify that the black anodizing on the AI BSS Bag Hanger (PN 215-2922-001) is not damaged or faded to gray/silver, germicidal/cleaning wipes can degrade the black coating. This is a field-replaceable item if the entire AI Module is not needed.
Surgery Day: If this is occurring during surgery day, you may be able to fool the system by simply twist/rotate the bag as you close the bag door and keep it rotating during the read/recognition process. It may be that simply rotating the bag changes the side profile enough that the sensors recognize the bag. This will allow the surgery to go on as planned.  The cause of the bag not being recognized will have to be determined and this may get them through the day.
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