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Learn more about us and what we offer.

Learn more about us and what we offer.



With a background of biomedical engineering and nearly 75 years in combined expertise in ophthalmic sales and service, John Weymouth established MEDiSURG in 2002. Starting with buying and selling used phaco equipment then expanding MEDiSURG to Training, Servicing, Loaning, and Repairing phaco equipment. As a result, we have developed a network of specialists in all areas of the medical surgical field. We’ve been used as a resource by hospital administrators, biomedical engineers, surgery centers / clinics, and medical equipment brokers. Let us help offer a solution to your phacoemulsification & vitrectomy needs / concerns. If we don’t have a solution, we have expert partners that extend our capabilities even more.


MEDiSURG is the industry’s leading independent experts in eye surgical equipment. Making us a ONE-STOP SHOP for anything eye surgical related. From being brokers in used ophthalmic surgical phaco and retinal vitrectomy equipment, performing service and preventive maintenance, we also carry parts in stock so that we can refurbish all the major cataract and retinal surgical systems.  To top it off, MEDiSURG is the only company with a service school dedicated to teaching Full Service and Preventative Maintenance courses on a leading OEM surgical product line. If you need a Fair Market Evaluation on your facilities equipment we do that as well.  We are truly a One Stop Shop for Eye Surgical Equipment.


With former OEM employees and new expert level technicians, MEDiSURG provides the best service, from phone support to on-site maintenance. With competitive prices and around the clock work, MEDiSURG sells and rents phaco and vitrectomy systems for cataract and retinal surgery. If you’re looking to minimize downtime and getting rid of your service contracts, MEDiSURG offers biomedical engineer service training for a leading OEM systems.


MEDiSURG’s mission is to provide an excellent value to the customer on the goods and services delivered to them, and maintain the customers trust by following the golden rule of business, the customer is always right. With the technology for cataract and retinal surgery constantly improving, MEDiSURG is here to focused that niche so you do not have to. If you want to service your own equipment, we can help you. If you want an alternative to the OEM service and contracts, we are uniquely qualified. MEDiSURG is here to save you and your facility money and downtime.


Parts Warranty

All parts include a satisfaction guarantee.  We will help you diagnose the system errors, to ensure that you are getting the right parts to get your system up and running. 

Phaco Experts

We know what typically breaks on the phaco and vitrectomy systems. When you call us for parts, we will trouble shoot with you and ask you for the error codes to be sure that you are getting the part that will get your system up and going.  

Speedy Delivery

Most parts shipped by 4 PM every day. We use UPS, FEDEX and the USPS to deliver our parts.  If you need it sent a different way, let us know.  We also ship worldwide!

Service & Repair

We offer full service or preventative maintenance on your eye surgical equipment.


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Parts & Sales

We have parts in stock and patient ready phaco systems available for your surgical suite.


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Classes & Training

We offer training packages on the most popular phaco and vitrectomy systems.

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