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Training for all Biomeds and Surgical Staff!

My phaco service contract is ending, can you train biomeds?


Phaco and Vitrectomy Systems Training 

MEDiSURG is currently the only company offering the following training packages. If your sales personnel, surgical staff and technicians are uncomfortable using the phaco and vitrectomy system(s) we can put them thru a boot camp to make them an asset during surgery.

Bronze Package – A one day course to help introduce you to the Phaco and Victrectomy system along with its functions. Introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the eye. Basic knowledge of cataract and retinal surgical producer. A great course for biomeds and surgical staff. 

Silver Package – All the knowledge of the bronze package with an extended day to help you gain your knowledge and skills to perform the annual preventive maintenance procedure (PM) on the phaco/vitrectomy system. Each trainee will receive a specialized service kit with test fixtures, workbook, and a USB memory drive with the system’s operators manual and technical data shared during the course. 

Gold Package – Includes the perks of both Bronze and Silver packages along with in-depth troubleshooting skills. This course is an extensive hands-on training with the system and modules. During the course, you will completely disassemble the system and replace all key components of the system. By the end of the course, you will have the confidence and skills to troubleshoot, replace parts, and communicate with the operating room staff to minimize common system errors. 

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Parts Warranty

All parts include a satisfaction guarantee.  We will help you diagnose the system errors, to ensure that you are getting the right parts to get your system up and running. 

Phaco Experts

We know what typically breaks on the phaco and vitrectomy systems. When you call us for parts, we will trouble shoot with you and ask you for the error codes to be sure that you are getting the part that will get your system up and going.  

Speedy Delivery

Most parts shipped by 4 PM every day. We use UPS, FEDEX and the USPS to deliver our parts.  If you need it sent a different way, let us know.  We also ship worldwide!

Service & Repair

We offer full service or preventative maintenance on your eye surgical equipment.


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We have parts in stock and patient ready phaco systems available for your surgical suite.


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We offer training packages on the most popular phaco and vitrectomy systems.

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