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If you see ERROR 404 on an ALCON INFINITI system or the ALCON Centurion system or the Constellation, it is pointing to a computer software error or possibly a hard drive error.  Time to replace the HOST Module.  Whether it is in computers, computer jargon, or the internet, any time a 404 error occurs. It is a standard error meaning “File(s) cannot be found and/or missing files.” It does not necessarily mean that the files have been deleted, removed, or corrupt. It just means the path of the boot file, startup files, or the way to the files are interpreted have been interrupted, or startup file is corrupted.
Sometimes, if you are well knowledge in computers or coding you can patch this by copying and renaming back up files in place of the corrupted files. Another way is to reinstall or re-imaging the hard disk drive (HDD). In my opinion, these two could be a band-aid to real problem/issue. One must ask if the path or standard operating procedures got interrupted, one must ask HOW? WHY? If the HDD is on its way out or starting to fail to repair or re-imaging a hard drive is not going to fix the problem(s). If the HDD is going bad what caused the hard drive to go bad? In my experiences. When the HDD is going bad the Host Module within the capacitors are budging and/or leaking, and other bigger issues. It is true that hard drives fail, and nothing else may be wrong. So, replacing it would fix the problem.


I would never recommend cloning or performing a cloning of a hard drive unless you are knowledgeable  or have prior experiences and even then, one must be ultimately sure you have a “Clean” or stable HDD. In basic terms, if/when cloning a HDD if that source HDD has issues, bad sectors, corrupted files, mistakes those will carry over to the targeted/new HDD. Cloning HDDs should always be a last resort if all else fails or unable to get a known good host or HDD.


Without knowing what caused the HDD to get 404 errors, without doing further investigations I do not recommend just replacing files or re imaging the operating system (OS) or the program files/software required for or what the system was intended for. If after further investigation, the host module has been thoroughly checked, all HDD tests can be performed then one can re image or replace the corrupted files. In my opinion or recommendations would be replacing or exchanging the HDD or host module to have peace of mind.

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